Recursion Beta 1.0.4

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Recursion Beta 1.0.5

-Replaced wooden walls with rusty fence
-Added "magic lights"- an enemy which moves towards you in bursts and deals 5 melee damage
-Minor graphics improvements
-Darkened the game (to make the lights from bullets and "magic lights" more visible)

Recursion Beta 1.0.4

-Added new ghost model and ghost ball model [show media]
-Added Attack Speed Drops
-Added Cluster Hit Drops(failed/don't like it)

Recursion Beta 1.0.3

-Fixed loot collection bug
-Added Attack Drops

Recursion Beta 1.0.2

-Added Speed Icon
-Added Speed Drops
-Fixed a shooting bug

Recursion Beta 1.0.1

-Added heart icon.

Recursion Beta 1.0.0

-Game released.