Button Clicker

A game similar to Cookie Clicker, you click the button to earn clicks and with the clicks you can your CPS(clicks per second) and CP(click power). And eventually with enough clicks you will be able to unlock the dungeon, get golden clicks and get more upgrades.

Link Puzzle

In this game you will try to find the answer to a few puzzles, the answer could be anywhere sometimes its the obvious one other times it is confusing and out of the box. Note there is no invisible text and DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON!

Link Puzzle 2

A newer better version of link puzzle

Low Polly Unity Graphics test (WebGl Required)

A low poly graphics test.

Civil War Ship

Be a Union blockader or a blockade runner!

Evolv Evolv is a game in which you Evolve your jellies into different colors, movement types, speeds and more.


Recursion is a game where you are stuck in a strange infinitely looping room in which your battle monsters;


Dino-Rocket Powered Learning